What is Cross-site Scripting Attack (XSS)?

Cross-site scripting attack is also possible for vulnerable HTML5 web applications, because Same-Origin policy is not changed for embedded scripts. For instance, if an attacker has access to embed evil codes, no difference can be identified between HTML5 and old versions of HTML.


What is Clickjacking Attack?

Clickjacking attack applies on user interface, UI, sometimes it is called User Interface Redressing Attack; this attack is done by covering original web user interface with a deceivable invisible layer. The goal of this technique is to trick visitors to do an action without them wanting to do it,


What is SQL Injection Attack?

IQL injection is a method which is used for inserting malicious SQL queries from client to web applications. When attacker is trying to insert a query through input data form, if user input data form is not filtered, the malicious query can change attitude of the query according to the injected SQL commands owasp. A simple example:


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