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July 2020

eLab – Laboratory Management System

eLab is an easy-to-use and user-friendly, yet secure and robust web-based laboratory information system that helps labs with casual managements. Appling the eLab management system for your medical laboratory, accelerates and streamlines the processes of your regular tasks. The ease of inventory management, makes the tasks in your lab to be done faster with more ease. The system offers plenty of facilities such as customizing the Invoices and the Reports, the online tracking system, and many more.

The eLab system is designed and developed at Suncode IT solutions company, a leading company on innovative software solutions based in Erbil (Hewlêr), Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
eLab utilizes a beautiful, powerful and user-friendly interface. The responsive interface is very easy to understand and to work with all your staff in your medical laboratory. The ease of data input and navigation through the interface make it even more powerful.

An online order-tracking system is implemented on the eLab system; it lets your patients or other labs/hospitals access their reports online, on anytime, at anywhere. The list of all the previous order-results will be available for every single patient to let them and their physicians have a full history of order-results available in a very simple way.

A powerful template designer tool has been developed within the eLab system for you to make your unique “Receipts” and “Reports“. You have comprehensive control on the way your custom Receipts and Reports look and feel. You may check the live preview of your on Receipts and/or Reports while designing them on the simulated A4 or A5 paper sizes placed just next to your design.
In the eLab laboratory system, multiple user access levels have been implemented; each one of the user-access levels have increasingly protected access to the resources to cover all the staff in your clinical laboratory.
The eLab laboratory management system, assigns each order a unique barcode and another unique QR-code to make you able to bring up the specific order very easily only by scanning the barcode.

A very powerful and extensive “Clinical Test Editor” is provided to enter specific “Clinical Tests” into the system, in your own way. You can define multiple prices for distinguished offers. Multiple field-types are considered for every Clinical-Test, yet each might have their own specific “default values”, “units”, and even “normal ranges” to let the system automatically emphasize on the result sheet. These all features provide great productivity and saves you a lot of time.

A sophisticated payment mechanism has been developed for the eLab system. The payments may be done in several phases that are apart and are taken by different operators; these information are all maintained and tracked by the system. There’s also a dedicated “discount” feature that is flexible for every specific situation.

The management of the “patients” and the “referrers”, provide a convenient way of organizing them in the system. The eLab laboratory system, also provides various flexible “reports” to help you better lead your clinical or medical laboratory when you have a big-picture summary readily available to exploit.

eLab is an easy-to-use and user-friendly, yet secure and robust web-based laboratory information system. With eLab you can:
• Manage and reuse Patients and Referrers.
• Multiple user-account-level privileges.
• Manage various types of Clinical-Tests.
• Multiple types of Test-Fields with default values.
• Online order-tracking system.
• Unique Barcode and QRCode/token per order.
• Define default and overridable referrer-discounts.
• The per-user payment registration system.
• Track the history of orders.
• Approve, unlock, cancel orders.
• Insert per-order notes.
• Customizable Receipt and Report layouts.
• and many more…

Now you can try out the fully-featured software for free. For more information please get in touch.
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